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Link to Research Interests First Name Last Name Degree* Institution for Degree Title
Colleen Ahern PHD University Of Florida Associate Prof. of Communications
Lee Ahern PHD Pennsylvania State University Associate Prof. of Communications
Denise Bortree PHD University Of Florida Prof. of Communications
  Benjamin Cramer PHD Pennsylvania State University Associate Teaching Professor
Francis Dardis PHD University Of South Carolina-Columbia Associate Prof. of Communications
  J Dumas PHD Pennsylvania State University Senior Lecturer
  Alexander Fattal PHD Harvard University Assistant Professor
Russell Frank PHD University Of Pennsylvania Associate Prof. of Communications
Robert Frieden JD University Of Virginia Pioneer Chair and Prof. of Telecommunications and Law
Homero Gil de Zuniga PHD University Of Wisconsin-Madison Professor
  Kevin Hagopian PHD University Of Wisconsin-Madison Senior Lecturer in Communications
Marie Hardin PHD University Of Georgia Dean; Prof. of Communications and Women's Studies
Anne Hoag PHD Michigan State University Associate Prof. of Communications
Matthew Jackson PHD Indiana University Bloomington Associate Prof. of Communications
Krishna Jayakar PHD Indiana University Bloomington Prof. of Communications
Matthew Jordan PHD Claremont Graduate School And University Associate Prof. of Communications
  Xueting Liao PHD University Of Texas At Austin Assistant Professor
Stephanie Madden PHD University Of Maryland College Park Assistant Professor
Ann Major PHD Southern Illinois University - Carbondal Associate Prof. of Communications
Martin Marinos PHD University Of Pittsburgh Assistant Professor
Matthew McAllister PHD University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champai Prof. of Communications
Jessica Myrick PHD University Of North Carolina At Chapel H Associate Prof. of Media Studies
Mary Oliver PHD University Of Wisconsin-Madison Distinguished Prof. of Communications
Anthony Olorunnisola PHD Howard University Prof. of Communications
  Patrick Parsons PHD University Of Minnesota Minneapolis Prof. of Communications
Juliet Pinto PHD University Of Miami Associate Professor
Patrick Plaisance PHD Syracuse University Professor
Robert Richards JD American University John and Ann Curley Prof. of First Amendment Studies
James Risley PHD University Of Florida Associate Dean and Prof. of Communications
Michelle Rodino PHD University Of Pittsburgh Associate Prof. of Communications
Michael Schmierbach PHD University Of Wisconsin-Madison Associate Prof. of Communications
Heather Shoenberger PHD University Of Missouri, Columbia Assistant Professor
Christofer Skurka PHD Cornell University Assistant Professor
  Susan Strohm PHD University Of Minnesota Minneapolis Senior Lecturer in Communications
S. Shyam Sundar PHD Stanford University Distinguished Prof. of Communications

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