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Link to Research Interests First Name Last Name Degree* Institution for Degree Title
Mohammad Ali PHD Rutgers, State University Of New Jersey Assistant Prof. of Management
Ozge Aybat PHD City College,City University Of New York Assistant Prof. of Marketing
Richard Brown PHD Temple University Assistant Prof. of Management
David Buehler PHD University Of North Carolina At Chapel H Assistant Prof. of Economics
  Jeffrey Foreman PHD Georgia State University Assistant Prof. of Marketing
Renee Flasher PHD Pennsylvania State University Assistant Prof. of Accounting
Rhoda Joseph PHD Baruch College, City U Of N Y Associate Prof. of Information Systems
Roderick Lee PHD Pennsylvania State University Associate Prof. of Information Systems
Parag Pendharkar DBA Southern Illinois University - Carbondal Prof. of Information Systems
Stephen Schappe PHD Ohio State University Director, School of Business Administration; Associate Prof. of Management
Girish Subramanian PHD Temple University Prof. of Information Systems
Teng Zhang PHD University Of Utah Assistant Prof. of Management

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