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Link to Research Interests First Name Last Name Degree* Institution for Degree Title
Jeffrey Beck PHD Indiana State University Professor
Spencer Green PHD Pennsylvania State University Assistant Teaching Professor
Jennifer Hirt † MFA University Of Idaho Assistant Prof. of Creative Writing and English Composition
Margaret Jaster PHD University Of Maryland College Park Associate Prof. of Humanities and Literature
Glen Mazis PHD Yale University Prof. of Humanities and Philosophy
  Kathryn Robinson PHD Texas Tech University Director, School of Humanities; Prof. of Humanities
Ellen Stockstill PHD Georgia State University Assistant Prof. of English
Troy Thomas PHD University Of California Berkeley Associate Prof. of Humanities and Art
  Robin Veder PHD College Of William And Mary In Virginia Associate Prof. of Humanities and Art History/Visual Culture
  Anita Vickers PHD Purdue University West Lafayette Associate Prof. of English
David Witwer PHD Brown University Prof. of History and Humanities

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† When choosing faculty for a student’s committee, at most one faculty member indicated by a † may be included.