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Link to Research Interests First Name Last Name Degree* Institution for Degree Title
Ryan Baxter MS Pennsylvania State University Associate Teaching Professor
  Joseph Bishop PHD Pennsylvania State University Research Associate
Cynthia Brewer PHD Michigan State University Prof. of Geography; Head of Geography Department
  Todd Bacastow PHD Pennsylvania State University Prof. of Practice for Geospatial Intelligence
  Dennis Bellafiore PHD University Of Pennsylvania Senior Lecturer
Andrew Carleton PHD University Of Colorado Prof. of Geography
Robert Crane PHD University Of Colorado Prof. of Geography; Director, Alliance for Earth Sciences, Engineering, and Development in Africa; Director of Strategic Initiatives, Office of the Vice Provost for Global Programs
  James Detwiler MS University Of Delaware Senior Lecturer in Geographic Information Systems
Lorraine Dowler PHD Syracuse University Program Director, Dual-Title Graduate Degrees in Women's Studies; Associate Prof. of Geography and Women's Studies
Roger Downs PHD University Of Bristol Prof. of Geography
William Easterling PHD University Of North Carolina At Chapel H Prof. of Geography
Christopher Fowler PHD University Of Washington Assistant Prof. of Geography and Demography
  Panagiotis Giannakis PHD University Of Arkansas Assistant Teaching Professor
  Adrienne Goldsberry MA University Of California Santa Barbara Assistant Teaching Professor
  Stephen Handwerk MA George Washington University Professional Certification Counselor
Brian King PHD University Of Colorado Associate Prof. of Geography
  Beth King M_ED Pennsylvania State University Assistant Program Manager - Geospatial Education
Alexander Klippel PHD University Of Bremen Prof. of Geography
Alan MacEachren PHD University Of Kansas Prof. of Geography
Stephen Matthews PHD University Of Wales Liberal Arts Prof. of Sociology, Anthropology, and Demography
Douglas Miller PHD Pennsylvania State University Prof. of Geography
Michael Nassry PHD Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State Assistant Research Professor
Nathan Piekielek PHD Montana State University Geospatial Services Librarian
Anthony Robinson PHD Pennsylvania State University Assistant Prof. of Geography
  Karen Schuckman MGIS Pennsylvania State University Senior Lecturer in Geographic Information Systems
Erica Smithwick PHD Oregon State University Associate Prof. of Geography
Alan Taylor PHD University Of Colorado Prof. of Geography
  Gregory Thomas PHD Indiana University Of Pennsylvania Prof. of Practice and Assistant Director of Geospatial Intelligence Programs
Melissa Wright PHD Johns Hopkins University Prof. of Women's Studies and Geography
  Michelle Zeiders MS Shippensburg University Of Pennsylvania Lecturer in Geographic Information Systems
Karl Zimmerer PHD University Of California Berkeley Prof. of Geography

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