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Link to Research Interests First Name Last Name Degree* Institution for Degree Title
Mehmet Canayaz PHD University Of Oxford Assistant Prof. of Finance
Quanwei Cao PHD University Of Chicago Smeal Chair Prof. in Finance
Jess Cornaggia PHD University Of Texas, Dallas Associate Prof. of Finance
  Robert Everett PHD George Washington University Associate Teaching Professor
  Louis Gattis PHD George Mason University Clinical Prof. of Finance
Fariborz Ghadar Harvard University Director, Center for Global Business Studies; William A. Shreyer Prof. of Global Management, Policies, and Planning
Matthew Gustafson PHD University Of Rochester Associate Prof. of Finance
David Haushalter PHD Purdue University West Lafayette Associate Prof. of Finance; Academic Director Smeal Trading Room
Peter Iliev PHD Brown University Assistant Prof. of Finance
William Kracaw PHD University Of Utah Chair, Department of Finance; Sykes Prof. of Finance
Anh Le PHD New York University Assistant Prof. of Finance
Stephen Lenkey PHD Carnegie-Mellon University Assistant Prof. of Finance
  Jason Lunn PHD University Of Colorado Associate Clinical Prof. of Finance
Giang Nguyen PHD University Of North Carolina At Chapel H Assistant Prof. of Finance
Timothy Simin PHD University Of Washington Associate Prof. of Finance
Fenghua Song PHD Washington University in St. Louis Associate Prof. of Finance
Joel Vanden PHD University Of California Berkeley Associate Prof. of Finance
Zhe Wang PHD Stanford University Assistant Prof. of Finance
  J. Randall Woolridge PHD University Of Iowa Prof. of Finance and The Goldman Sachs & Co. and Frank P. Smeal Endowed University Fellow; President, Nittany Lion Fund, LLC
Alexey Zhdanov PHD University Of Rochester Assistant Prof. of Finance

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