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First Name Last Name Degree* Institution for Degree Title
  Joseph Cecere PHD University Of North Texas Associate Prof. of Engineering
  Yen-chih Chen PHD Purdue University West Lafayette Associate Prof. of Environmental Engineering
  Yohchia Chen PHD University Of Minnesota Minneapolis Prof. of Civil Engineering
  Shirley Clark PHD University Of Alabama Prof. of Environmental Engineering
  Sai Kakuturu PHD Kansas State University Associate Prof. of Civil Engineering
  Seroj Mackertich-Sengerdy PHD Pennsylvania State University Associate Prof. of Engineering
  Shashidhara Marikunte PHD Michigan State University Associate Teaching Professor
  Grady Mathews PHD University Of South Carolina-Columbia Assistant Prof. of Engineering
  Jennifer Sliko PHD University Of South Florida Assistant Teaching Professor
  Rajarajan Subramanian PHD University Of Florida Assistant Teaching Professor
  Sofia Vidalis PHD University Of Florida Associate Prof. of Civil Engineering
  Yuefeng Xie PHD Tsinghua University Prof. of Environmental Engineering

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