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Link to Research Interests First Name Last Name Degree* Institution for Degree Title
Theodore Alter PHD Michigan State University Prof. of Agricultural, Environmental, and Regional Economics
Daniel Azzara PHD Pennsylvania State University Alan R. Warehim Prof. of Agribusiness
  Mary Berardi PHD Pennsylvania State University Assistant Teaching Professor
Kathryn Brasier PHD University Of Wisconsin-Madison Prof. of Rural Sociology
Mark Brennan PHD Pennsylvania State University Prof. of Agricultural and Extension Education and Rural Sociology
Leland Glenna PHD University Of Missouri, Columbia Prof. of Rural Sociology, and Science, Technology, and Society
Stephan Goetz PHD Michigan State University Prof. of Agricultural and Regional Economics and Demography
  Clare Hinrichs PHD Cornell University Prof. of Rural Sociology
Leif Jensen PHD University Of Wisconsin-Madison Distinguished Prof. of Rural Sociology and Demography
Tim Kelsey PHD University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor Prof. of Agricultural Economics
Janelle Larson PHD University Of Oxford Associate Prof. of Agricultural Economics
  Frans Padt PHD Radboud University Nijmegen Senior Lecturer

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