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Link to Research Interests First Name Last Name Degree* Institution for Degree Title
Justin Brown PHD University Of Virginia Assistant Prof. of Biomedical Engineering
Peter Butler PHD Cuny Graduate School & University Center Prof. of Biomedical Engineering
Cheng Dong PHD Columbia University Chair and Distinguished Prof. of Biomedical Engineering, Engineering Science and Mechanics
William Hancock PHD University Of Washington Prof. of Biomedical Engineering
Shengxi Huang PHD Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Assistant Prof. of Electrical Engineering
Deborah Kelly PHD Florida State University Professor
  Sean Knecht PHD University Of Washington Assistant Teaching Prof. of Engineering Design
Xiaojun Lian PHD Inactive University Of Wisconsin Colleges-Madison Assistant Prof. of Bioengineering
Xiao Liu PHD University Of Minnesota Twin Cities Assistant Professor
Keefe Manning PHD Virginia Commonwealth University Prof. of Biomedical Engineering
Yong Wang PHD Duke University Prof. of Biomedical Engineering
Pak Kin Wong PHD University Of California Los Angeles Prof. of Bioengineering
Jian Yang PHD Chinese Acad Of Scien-Physics Institute Prof. of Bioengineering
Nanyin Zhang PHD University Of Minnesota Minneapolis Associate Prof. of Biomedical Engineering

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