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Link to Research Interests First Name Last Name Degree* Institution for Degree Title
Wayne Curtis PHD Purdue University West Lafayette Prof. of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
Ali Demirci PHD Iowa State University Of Science And Tec Prof. of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Min Ding PHD University Of Pennsylvania Professor, Bard Prof. in Marketing, Affiliate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
Majid Foolad PHD University Of California Davis Prof. of Plant Genetics
Mark Guiltinan PHD University Of California Irvine Prof. of Plant Molecular Biology; J. Franklin Styer Professor of Horticultural Botany
Kelli Hoover PHD University Of California Davis Prof. of Entomology
Bhushan Jayarao PHD University Of Budapest Prof. of Veterinary Science
Seogchan Kang PHD University Of Wisconsin-Madison Prof. of Plant Pathology
Gretchen Kuldau PHD University Of California Berkeley Associate Prof. of Plant Pathology
  Natasha Tirko PHD New York University Director, Master of Biotechnology Program
Andrew Zydney PHD Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Bayard D. Kunkle Chair and Prof. of Chemical Engineering

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