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First Name Last Name Degree* Institution for Degree Title
  Dawn Blasko PHD Suny At Binghamton Associate Prof. of Psychology
  Wilson Brown PHD University Of Missouri, St. Louis Assistant Prof. of Child Clinical Psychology
  Eric Corty PHD Indiana University Bloomington Prof. of Psychology
  Lisa Elliott PHD New Mexico State University Assistant Teaching Professor
  Melanie Hetzel-Riggin PHD Northern Illinois University Prof. of Psychology
  Victoria Kazmerski PHD Suny At Stony Brook Associate Prof. of Psychology
  Charisse Nixon PHD West Virginia University Prof. of Psychology
  Shariffah Sheik Dawood PHD University Of Leicester Lecturer
  Chris Shelton PHD University Of Wyoming Assistant Prof. of Clinical Psychology
First Name Last Name Degree* Institution for Degree Title
  John Backels PHD Ball State University Affiliate Assistant Prof. of Psychology
  Gina Brelsford PHD Bowling Green State University Associate Prof. of Psychology
  Kathryn Glodowski PHD Western New England University Assistant Prof. of Psychology
  Marissa Harrison PHD Suny At Albany Associate Prof. of Psychology
  Candace Hogue PHD University Of Kansas Assistant Teaching Professor
  Ovgu Kaynak PHD Temple University Assistant Prof. of Psycholgoy
  Mark Kiselica PHD Pennsylvania State University Prof. of Psychology and Director of the School of Behavioral Sciences and Education
  Senel Poyrazli PHD University Of Houston Prof. of Counseling Psychology
  Candalyn Rade PHD North Carolina State University Of Ralei Assistant Prof. of Psychology
  Kimberly Schreck PHD Ohio State University Prof. of Psychology
  Maria Turkson PHD University Of Maryland College Park Assistant Teaching Professor
  Christopher Whipple PHD Depaul University Assistant Prof. of Psycholgoy
  Stephanie Winkeljohn Black PHD University Of Louisville Assistant Prof. of Psychology

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