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Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Disseration Fellowships

Date posted: 08/22/2014

Award: $25,000

Field: Humanities and Social Sciences

Eligibility: See notes below

Contact Information:

Phone: 609-452-7007
Fax: 609-452-0066
Address: 5 Vaughn Drive Suite 300 Princeton, NJ 08540-6313
Web site:

Additional information:

Must be candidates for Ph.D. or Th.D. degrees in an American doctoral program at a graduate school located in the United States. Candidates working on D.Min., law, Psy.D., Ed.D. and other professional degrees are not eligible. Have all pre-dissertation requirements fulfilled by the application deadline November 15, 2014, including approval of the dissertation proposal. Be in the writing stage of the dissertation. Usually, this means that fieldwork or other research is complete and writing has begun by the time of the award. Must expect to complete the dissertation between September 1, 2014 and August 31, 2015 and submit completed dissertations by August 2016. have never held a similar national award for the final year of dissertation writing. Applicants who have won such awards as the ACLS, AAUW, Ford, MacArthur, Mellon, Pew, Spencer, or Whiting fellowship are not eligible. Plan to write on topics where ethical or religious values are a central concern. Have never applied for the Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship before. Previous applicants may not apply.

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