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European Molecular Biology Organization: Short-Term Fellowships

Date posted: 06/10/2010

Award: The fellowships cover travel plus subsistence of the fellow only and not of any dependents. The subsistence rate depends on the country being visited.

Field: molecular biology, Europe, travel, postdoctoral

Eligibility: pre-doctoral scientists who have not yet completed a PhD degree (or equivalent) or scientists who obtained their PhD degree (or equivalent) within the last 10 years.

Contact Information:

Name: Zsuzsanna O'Donoghue
Phone: +49 6221 8891115
Web site:

Additional information:

There is no deadline for applications, however applications should ideally be made about three months before the proposed starting date. Applicants should either be scientists who obtained their PhD degree (or equivalent) within the last 10 years or pre-doctoral scientists (PhD students). However, candidates with very little research experience will be given lower priority for funding. Short-Term Fellowships are awarded for exchanges between two laboratories in different countries. Either the home laboratory or the host laboratory must be within an EMBC Member State. On completion of the fellowship applicants must return to their home laboratory for at least six months. Applications, which are presented as a means of training in a technique rather than as a component of a research project, tend to receive lower priority from reviewers. EMBO does not consider applications for Short-Term Fellowships to prolong visits begun under other auspices, or as bridging fellowships between, or prior to, long term stays funded by EMBO or other organizations. Applications for fellowships to attend courses, workshops, or symposia will not be considered.

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