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Lemmermann Foundation: Scholarship Awards

Date posted: 06/08/2010

Award: Monthly scholarship of 750 euro

Field: classics, literature, archaeology, history of art, Italy, travel; Archaeology, History, History of Art, Italian, Latin, Musicology, Philosophy, Philology

Eligibility: Applicants should: not be older than 30; should be attending a recognized University course; should have a basic knowledge of the Italian language

Contact Information:

Phone: +39 06.321.1746
Fax: +39 06.322.1788
Address: Fondazione Lemmermann c/o Studio Associato Romanelli via Cosseria 5, I-00192 Rome - ITALY
Web site:

Additional information:

Annual scholarship awarded to support university students who need to study in Rome to carry out research and prepare their thesis concerning Rome and the Roman culture from the Pre-Roman period to present day.

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