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National Huguenot Society: Scholarship

Date posted: 06/04/2010

Award: $1,000

Field: history; Huguenot

Eligibility: Any student who has completed a work in the previous two years that is relevant to the Huguenot movement in the form of a paper, thesis, dissertation, article or book

Contact Information:

Address: The National Huguenot Society 7340 Blanco Road Suite 104 San Antonio, TX 78216-4970
Web site:

Additional information:

The National Huguenot Society is pleased to award a prize of one thousand dollars ($1,000) in the spring of each year to the author of what is judged by the Awards Committee to be the best original work of scholarship covering any aspect of the Huguenot movement. The work may be in the form of a paper, article, thesis, dissertation, movie, video production, or book produced in the calendar year proceeding the announcement of the award.

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